16 Essential Benefits of Chatbots + Challenges in 2023

benefits of chatbot marketing

A hybrid chatbot can solve routine queries through automation and escalate complex tickets. A chatbot benefits your business in many ways, such as higher leads, quicker issue resolution, and a well-managed sales funnel. Also, the best part of chatbots is that they are super easy to deploy and get started with. Chatbots can be distracting and downright intrusive if they appear too quickly or in the wrong places.

  • These strategies can push them to buy more products although they do not need them.
  • It’s not feasible for many businesses to provide a fully staffed customer support team 24 hours a day.
  • A chatbot can also track if a customer already tried to solve their issue via self-service, and tell the agent which help center articles and web pages the customer visited.
  • The aim is to see if your chatbot actually does what it’s supposed to do.
  • If there are any areas of the customer journey that cause friction then that will reflect in the customer feedback given at the end of the chat.
  • However, for a chatbot to effectively do this, it will need access to a wide range of data.

It’s easier, faster, and cheaper to use a chatbot platform than to develop one in-house. To save yourself some time and trouble, you should use a company that provides artificial intelligence chatbots for marketing. So, for example, if a person shows interest in your pricing or one of the products from your collection, the chatbot identifies them as a warm lead. Based on that segmentation of users, the chatbots can engage them at the right time.


An online survey stated that 44% of US consumers prefer chatbots to humans in areas of customer support. It’s not feasible for many businesses to provide a fully staffed customer support team 24 hours a day. However, your customers or potential customers don’t like to wait if they have questions or a problem. If you deploy your chatbot after normal business hours, you’ll have something there for your customers to interact with.

benefits of chatbot marketing

Since then Sephora has grown into one of the biggest beauty brands known worldwide. Many other companies are replicating and expanding on their chatbot marketing tactics to grow their brand. Chatbots can automate routine tasks and inquiries, freeing up human resources and increasing efficiency. This allows businesses to handle a large volume of customer inquiries and requests simultaneously, reducing wait times and improving overall response times. You can utilize those bots to reach out to a new consumer base and tap into new demographics without spending a lot of money. Furthermore, chatbot marketing can assist with lead creation in new areas, ensuring your company’s success.

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Even if the bot cannot solve the customer’s issue, it can provide useful suggestions and book an appointment with one of your reps during working hours. Machine learning allows for the bots to be trained in real conversations to achieve precision. This way they practice their ability to communicate and, so to speak, they learn from their mistakes. Using NLP, the bot processes the query made by the user to understand what is the intent.

  • Your company should only benefit from adding chatbots to your marketing strategy.
  • In fact, 35% of consumers want more companies to use chatbots to improve their communication strategy and deliver a better experience.
  • Chatbots personalize interactions and create seamless conversations that are just like chatting with friends.
  • You can utilize those bots to reach out to a new consumer base and tap into new demographics without spending a lot of money.
  • Chatbots for marketing can help you segment traffic and advertise your products to the right audience.
  • You can hook them up to a Google Calendar, and the chatbot will act as your virtual assistant; booking appointments for your customers according to your availability.

In these cases, the chatbot will notify them once the products are back in stock. When people search for products and put them on a cart, they may feel the urgency of the constant notifications and purchase the product. AI chatbots with Facebook Messenger integration reach out to the customers on Messenger. Ochatbot is an excellent and easy-to-use chatbot that effortlessly embeds on Facebook and other eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. Complex navigation on the eCommerce sites is one of the frustrations of online shoppers while purchasing on eCommerce sites.

How to integrate chatbots with social media

AI (artificial intelligence) powers advanced bots, however most chatbots are pre-programmed with preset responses and conversation trees. Many third-party platforms make it simple for marketers and business owners to create their own chatbot conversation trees without requiring any coding or development expertise. A study by IBM suggests that these tools can solve 80% of customer service requests effectively. As a result, the need for manual intervention is significantly reduced. So, not only are chatbots cost-effective but they can do almost all the tasks a human agent can at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, it can handle repetitive customer queries and free up bandwidth of your live agents, allowing them to focus on more complex tasks.

benefits of chatbot marketing

Anyone in e-commerce will know the pain of losing prospects halfway through a marketing funnel. It doesn’t take much to deter people from completing a purchase online, whether it’s a confusing check-out system or hidden costs. By phasing out customer support staff to bring in chatbots, you can dramatically cut interaction times on all channels, including phone calls, social media, and messaging apps. If you have a chatbot integrated into your customer support software, people can engage easily without any learning curve or prior training. Through NLP, chatbots can analyze queries and answer customer questions. More importantly, the benefits of chatbots bring good news for consumers.

Chatbots For Ecommerce:

“Messaging apps are used almost nine times a day, five times the average for all mobile apps,” the site said. “A month after installation, messaging apps have nearly double the retention rate of the average for all apps, 68 percent versus 38 percent.” For instance, if you are handling a lengthy query about the types of software available as opposed to the timings available for a movie show, the length will differ vastly. However, if efficiency is your priority, then this indicator will play an important role in finding the right chatbot for your needs. To further this point of reduced wait times, let us look at a survey by McKinsey.

benefits of chatbot marketing

Here are four of the most important chatbot advantages and disadvantages you should know. Many of them let users request and book in-store appointments directly within the chat window. If you’re looking for an unbeatable sidekick—the Robin to your Batman—then we recommend an AI chatbot like Heyday.

Chatbot Benefit #16: Help Customers Find the Product They Want

We ensure to establish websites with the latest trends as we believe that, products whose value satisfies the needs of the market and its potential customers can be efficiently successful. The last 2 years of Covid lockdown have brought in a lot of change in the digital sector. The AI technology sector has thus grown massively in the time people were stuck in their homes. The world has become digitised and there is more scope in digital marketing than ever before.


But while chatbots are super useful for providing customers with quick answers, they can also play a huge role in your marketing strategy. By tracking these metrics and analyzing the data, you can gain valuable insights into the performance of your chatbot and its impact on your business. This information can be used to make improvements to your chatbot and optimize your chatbot marketing strategy, ultimately helping you to drive business growth and achieve your goals. By following these best practices, you can create a chatbot that is engaging, effective, and valuable for your customers. So, to ease the burden from your customer support team, you can apply chatbot to your online business.

Introduction to Chatbot Marketing

As a result, among the benefits of a chatbot in an eCommerce business is saving costs. Some customer inquiries may fall through the cracks when an online retailer relies on the call center team to handle them. Chatbots for retail industry professionals respond to every inquiry when it comes in. One of the primary benefits of an omnichannel chatbot in eCommerce is the ability to serve customers in real time without making the support team available 24 hours a day. As the eCommerce industry grows, more businesses and people are familiarizing themselves with website chatbots as they evolve. While implementing an effective AI-powered chatbot can be expensive, it can be a promising investment for your business.

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Chinese AI chatbot firm Xiao-I eyes global market after Nasdaq IPO ….

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This leads to better engagement and increased understanding than reading a knowledge base article. Chatbots also provide consistent and relevant answers, keeping customers engaged and on the website for extended periods. The bot also qualifies leads by asking questions related to the customer journey. This saves time for sales agents as they better understand the customer and their stage in the sales funnel. Chatbots are advanced tools that improve lead generation for businesses by providing personalized and engaging messaging throughout the customer journey.

How to create a chatbot marketing strategy

Chatbot conversations generate unstructured data that analysts can mine for useful intelligence on consumer preferences and behavior. Such insights can not only be used to improve your chatbots’ performance, but also to inform your broader decision-making about marketing and CX. However, 54 percent also said their biggest frustration with chatbots is the number of questions they have to answer before being transferred to a human agent.

  • If your skilled agents are spending hours answering simple questions (like “What hours are you open?” or “When will my order arrive?”) that’s not a good use of their time.
  • In this article, let us look into the benefits of AI Chatbots in various eCommerce businesses.
  • Chatbots for marketing purposes have the potential to help you grow much faster, and at the same time, one wrong move can water everything down.
  • In 2021, the chatbot market was worth $190.8 million and will grow to over $1 billion by 2030.
  • Deploying a bot can help you respond to people quickly, answer questions more quickly, and provide a positive user experience, all of which boost your brand’s trust.
  • A virtual assistant chatbot performs many similar tasks to a human virtual assistant.

As part of its social media marketing strategy, Match.com has launched a Messenger chatbot called Lara to help customers find that special someone. You can use chatbot marketing to progress prospects efficiently through your sales process. For example, if you sell hoodies, metadialog.com it allows you to show different colours, styles, and brands (or anything really) to warm up leads and help them decide that your goods are worth purchasing. One of the main aspects of marketing is generating interest and leads as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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