Branch Automation Vendors: Comparing Solutions for Small and Midsize Banks

Omnichannel Banking and Workflow Automation to Create a Modern, Customer-Focused IT Environment Digital Cambodia Webinar Summary

bank branch automation

This is vital in a market where fewer customers now have direct relationships with bank managers or their branches. Using personalisation and customer experience to build loyalty is certain to be a key feature of retail banking as consumers are now more likely to switch bank than their parents ever were,” he remarked further. As part of our digitalisation process, we’ve recently introduced tablets in all branches to ease signature procedures when carrying out transactions. Furthermore, we have extended our ATM network across Greece, and increased the number of automated payment system machines in our branches. New features include innovative tools like peer-to-peer payments that make it possible to transfer money without an account number. With all of these innovative services, and those that are still to come, Eurobank is ready to lead the way as the bank of Greece’s future.

Many factors are fuelling opportunities for branches such as the automation of transactions and improved customer facing technology that is allowing branches to become smaller. Our innovative digital strategies and platforms drive customer engagement, build the brand and ensure that their network is positioned for the future. With our knowledge of retail banking trends across the globe we develop concepts that encompass best practice and the latest technological innovation, all designed to deliver retail strategies.

Requirements for Direct Access to CHAPS

We are part of a big group that invests a large amount every year in IT infrastructure. Europe’s no.1 and no. 2 ranked banking apps belong to BBVA Spain and BBVA Garanti. We also invest in robotics and automation as one path to a better customer experience.

What is banking automation?

Banking automation helps devise customized, reliable workflows to satisfy regulatory needs. Employees can also use audit trails to track various procedures and requests. Client Services.

To check our mobile branch routes and times, please visit our Banking with us page. Personal and business customers can lodge up https://www.metadialog.com/ to £2,000 per day without a card. You can lodge cash using selected Cash Machines or Deposit Machines at most of our branches.

Bank branches

Once submitted, fraud checks were carried out and the digital worker then reviewed the application to confirm the customer’s eligibility. Customers were directed to them via channels such as virtual assistants, on-line banking, our websites and through our colleagues. Technology increasingly plays a significant role in the reshaping the banking industry landscape, from in-branch initiatives to new fintechs and the increasing use of AI tools.


For example, flagship branches in

key locations deliver high-impact brand value and recognition while community branches offer opportunities to deepen relationships. To add real value, the bank’s branch offers a perfect intersection of all banking channels. However, the economic impact of this pandemic has accentuated the need for banks to minimise costs and deliver greater efficiency in their branch networks. When bank branch automation Celent surveyed these institutions about their plans surrounding digital banking for next year, 43% of respondents shared that they would be focusing more on cost management and operational efficiency. Through the use of advanced analytics, banks are able to optimise their branch network by understanding customer preferences in certain populations and geographies, as well as micro-economies within those geographies.

Bounce Back Loan Schemes, Time to Pay arrangements, and redundancy payment claims: the impact on SMEs

BankFlex® Workplace Banking enables banks to manage customer relationship with employees of their remotely located corporate clients by providing banking services directly at their offices or factories. Using BankFlex® ATM Banking, banks can extend their ATM networks’ normal card-oriented services to include a wide set of other banking services such as inter account transfers, bill payments, mobile top ups, as well as 3rd party payments… BankFlex® EASI Banking allows seamless banking operations for banks’ corporate customers from their ERP or accounting systems. BankFlex EASI provides easy and fully secure integration of ERP systems with banks’ processing system, thus eliminating the need to access… BankFlex® M-Wallet allows customers to directly register cards or wallet account into secure area of their mobile phones. BankFlex® M-Wallet provides seamless POS and Internet based payment services through contactless payment mechanisms…

bank branch automation

In recent years, intelligent automation – the pairing of robotics and other technologies to handle repetitive tasks, support colleagues and simplify the customer experience – has transformed the financial services industry for the better. Regulation in the banking sector has put pressure on the number of branches and the number of employees. However, the impact on employment was not as extensive as the impact on the number of branches. This consolidation process is the result of both policy decisions and market trends including digitisation. To cope with this new environment, financial institutions are adjusting their business models to increase client proximity while restructuring their network of branches.

What is a digital branch?

Specifically, the tested rate of 5G+ intelligent banks can reach the Gbps level, fully supporting the exponential growth of data traffic at intelligent banks. In this way, 5G+ intelligent banks can provide full-journey, immersive, and personalized financial services experience. Poor customer experience can cost banking and financial services up to £5.81bn, highlighting the need for firms to adopt new technology solutions and offer a round the clock service.



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Make the most of every stage of your scanning journey from deployment to optimization. Zebra’s barcode scanner software lets you keep devices current and adapt them to your business needs for a stronger ROI across the full lifecycle. Use Zebra’s Temperature Monitoring and Sensing devices for vaccines, pharmaceuticals, biologics and any temperature-sensitive products. Zebra’s OEM scan engines, imagers, and private label OEM products offer flexible integration and help enhance product development with modern OEM technology. Discover Zebra’s range of accessories from chargers, communication cables to cases to help you customize your mobile device for optimal efficiency.

The future of bank branches

BankFlex Personal Mobile Banking Apps provide smart and slick user experience in a highly secure environment… Our customers find that we are experts in digital banking, easy to interact with, trustworthy and caring. BankFlex implemntation and support team is highly-respected for its technical excellence and outstanding service commitment.

bank branch automation

The return of deposits remains one of the key hurdles for the banking system in Greece, which is now working hard to rebuild stable funding lines in the wholesale market. Beyond this goal, Eurobank seeks to further encourage business banking and fee business, while meeting customer needs by taking advantage of the recent shift towards electronic transactions. Intelligent automation boasts platforms that are safe and secure for our businesses to use in terms of availability and data. And the creation of these same secure online platforms is enabling customers and colleagues to share electronic documents – shortening the time to complete servicing journeys. However, incumbent banks are aware that their business models have been founded on having many more bums on seats and they can’t simply change business model (other than spinning up new, lean digital banking brands!). So they are slowly investing in technologies that gradually make bits of the bank redundant, but this is not “led” by the rise of challenger banks.

Zebra’s healthcare technology solutions provide patient identity management, mobile health devices, and business intelligence data to improve efficiency. The bank branch remains an important service channel despite the shift of customers to online banking and the growth of the cashless society. Freed from its traditional transactional purpose the new digital branch can become a customer centric and consultative experience. This works for employees, and the same principles of hybrid working apply to high street banks.

  • Delightful user experience, responsive screens, highly secure with configurable n-factor authentication…
  • With Zebra’s family of fixed industrial scanners and machine vision technologies, you can tailor your solutions to your environment and applications.
  • While banks used to compete on account features and interest rates, their present success hinges on the level of data-driven, personalised advisory services they can offer their clients.
  • IT experts with new skills are needed for the further digitalisation and automation but often these positions are outsourced.

Through Co-Development we deliver scalable solutions with the right level of resource at the right price with minimal risk. Our Security First ethos means we deliver resilient, strategic, innovative solutions, which generate growth and customer engagement. I can simply underline the message that we are people serving people and independent of how branches will look in the future, human interaction will always be of primary importance. Digital helped reach prospects faster bank branch automation than is humanly possible but, once we reach them through digital, the human touch in branches creates value and results in a deeper, trust-based relationship. To me, it is clear that branch banking isn’t dead, though with in-branch transactions declining and opportunities for digital sales increasing, it is changing. Banks must understand this and take advantage of the opportunities that can be found in the combination of in-branch visits and digital engagement.

Automated testing and test management can be used to test a wide range of banking-related processes and systems, including online banking systems, mobile banking apps, and back-end systems for processing transactions and managing customer data. Moreover, generative AI can be leveraged to augment these tests, specifically in terms of security. It can simulate diverse and complex scenarios that might be overlooked in manual testing, helping to identify potential vulnerabilities, and ensuring that systems are sufficiently fortified against threats. This is crucial in the world of banking, where security and trust are paramount. The key is setting the standard for fast and fail-safe onboarding when banking in a generative AI world.

bank branch automation

Since hundreds of suspicious transactions are investigated every day, physically defining, verifying, and processing them is time-consuming. Furthermore, it leads to a negative customer experience and a reduction in trust. Efficiency, skill and experience combine, allowing BankFlex to offer a high-value solution while remaining competitively priced.

What is automation equipment?

Industrial Automation Equipment is a category of production equipment that is used to automatically perform some production operations. The types of equipment include industrial robots, automation cells, conveyors and special devices like lifters and turn-over machines.

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